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Your Questions


"What about siblings? Will siblings also be required to go through the intra-district transfer process in order to go to the same school as their older sibling?"

Impact on students

"Current students' future enrollment. We would like to confirm enrolled students in current schools will not be forced to enroll in new school. They can stay with their current school to finish elementary school."

Diversity and equity

"Do either of the options create a greater disparity in school quality? The down side of having students attend the nearest school is that it creates wealthy schools and poor schools. Diversity is important. Students of different backgrounds need to interact so that they get a full picture of our society and learn how to relate to people of a different background."

Planning and decision-making

"Just looking at physical boundaries isn't sufficient. Is population density taken into consideration? What other assumptions, other than maintaining a balanced school population size across the district, is being used to drive the boundary options?"

Attending neighborhood school

"Can we keep families as close to their neighborhood schools as possible? Walking or biking to school with neighbors is a powerful way to build a strong community. Neighbors benefit from getting to know each other at school. I think it's really important to keep families in a school that's as close to their home as we can."

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