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Option B - Your Concerns

Safe routes for walking/transportation

"Children have to cross highways and freeways. Neighborhoods are separated with children on one side of 85 having to cross over to go to school."


"Like with option A, we are concerned that we don't know about grandfathering and that our children may be split between schools if grandfathering is different for older (4th/5th graders) than younger children (k - 3)."

Option B divides neighborhood

"Map B breaks up our neighborhood which destroys our community. Our neighborhood has been assigned to over five different elementary schools to balance other neighborhood schools over the years. We pushed to open Slater because we wanted our own neighborhood school and now Map B shuts out of that school."

Diversity and equity

"Strengthens perceived elite neighborhood schools. Bubb and Huff will continue to be perceived as elite neighborhood schools (reinforced by geography and SES). Does not allow for full experience and exposure to diversity of Mtn. View. Does not seem to resolve issue if more families continue to move into these neighborhoods--maybe in the short term."

Impact on students

"Kids don't thrive when moved. Kids can survive a school move, and when a teacher has 1-2 new students he/she can support them to mitigate the disruption. Moving all these kids at once could leave a teacher trying to support 5, 10, or more moved students. This is too much. "

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