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Option B - You Appreciate

Even enrollment numbers across schools

"Attendance numbers are more balanced. The projected numbers of students for each school are more closely aligned with the stated goal."

Safe routes for walking/transportation

"I like that no students have to cross six-lane El Camino Real to get to school. And glad you realized that Stevens Creek Trail provides a connection to Huff for the families east of Highway 85."

Unifies neighborhood and communities

"The North Whisman, Wagon Wheel, and Slater neighborhoods currently send their children to different schools and have their own neighborhood associations. I appreciate that this map considers each neighborhood as a unit and doesn't create boundaries that take one or two streets from a neighborhood."

Impact on other schools

"Option B provides a higher enrollment for Theuerkauf. Seems to balance enrollment better throughout the schools."

Attending neighborhood school

"It retains the current Chiquita boundary in Shoreline West School. Children that attend school together can continue to attend the same school together, even though the school will change from Bubb to Landels for some children in the neighborhood."

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