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Option A - Your Concerns


"Family continuity - I imagine that those currently enrolled in a school will remain in that school until they graduate out. If this is the case, consider what will happen with their siblings join Kindergarten. It is crucial to avoid drop offs at multiple schools."

Enrollment at TH and ML

"Very low enrollment for Monta Loma and Theuerkauf. I'm concerned that option A will decimate enrollment for Monta Loma and Theuerkauf, making it difficult to maintain a vital PTA and school community."

Impact on students

"Will my children be able to finish out elementary at their current school? My children are currently at Huff. I want them to be able to finish out their elementary schooling with their friends. Will this be possible with either option?"

Safe routes for walking/transportation

"No one should have to bike across a major street to get to school. Safety first. Convenience second."

Even enrollment numbers across schools

"Big size discrepancies between schools; is this manageable? As a Huff parent, both option A and B show Huff remaining as the largest school and I wonder if those kids will be allowed to attend Huff or if many will be forced to travel across town. I wonder if sizes of other schools are manageable and efficient, ranging from 329 (Theuerkauf) to 465 (at Slater)."

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